TASKai helps with manager daily routine: task management and control.
Just keep chatting with your team!

'We are inspired by introducing your new AI employee', - TASKai team
Keep on using your usual messenger or
task management system
TASKai will assist you 24/7 to manage your |
Master Of Tasks
TASKai recognises tasks in all your team chats, asks about details, moves them into Trello, Jira, Teams etc., and checks for updates and reports by asking assignees instead of you.
Time Lord
TASKai will remind you and your team members about the nearest deadlines, or update them upon request. It tracks the time spent on tasks, updates estimates and if it affects your project schedule it will inform you about time risk ASAP.
Communication Guru
TASKai joins all your chats into project workspace where it balances the information flow: keep calm and see only your or common messages. All important tasks are collected from chats and appear on boards
Focus on important things with TASKai
5 messengers or channels
3 task trackers
1 workspace
Average project has more than 5 chats, 3 task management systems for specific workflow. Managing and communicating team spends more than 4 hours per day to sync the status and keep boards in the right state.

Missing task definition Priorities are not clear
Focus is under control
It takes up to 6 months to set up the task management processes in average team.
90% of all tasks do not influence on the final project results.
Millions of chats
Missed tasks

AI instead of you
Algorithms are usually better 2 times than a human to find tasks and important information in instant message flow.
No vacations or holidays are needed, always stayes tuned and connected.
Team Workspace
Creates unified file repository for all chats and task trackers
Remote Work Monitoring
Be more effective with your team and interactions
'Less is more' Reports
Make decisions based on minimal sufficient information
Team health checks, each member project involvement data collection
Easy to integrate with
Pick your perfect plan to start
monthly for 1 small team and 1 messenger
  • 10 tasks per month
  • Team up to 4 members
  • 2 chats in 1 messenger
  • 1 task-manager integration
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Up to 10 tasks per month for free, no credit card required
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